Women’s Contributions to the HVAC Industry

How Women Revolutionized Heating and Cooling 

It’s hard to imagine that less than 100 years ago, climate control in homes and businesses was limited basically to stoking a fire in the winter and opening a window during the summer. Of all the advances in the last century, home heating and cooling have been among the most welcome and well-received. 

The truth is, no single person made indoor comfort what it is today. Hundreds of engineers and inventors have worked tirelessly to develop safe and effective heating and cooling systems. Progress continues today, with more reliable and efficient systems entering the market yearly. Women’s History Month is a great time to celebrate women’s contributions to heating and cooling homes. Here are some facts about women in the HVAC industry and some of the contributions they have made over the years. 

Women in Today’s Industry 

While women are a minority in the heating and cooling industry, the future looks bright. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as of 2018, only 1.4% of HVAC mechanics and installers in the country were female. While historically, HVAC technicians and installers have tended to work long hours in harsh conditions; this has changed over the years with technological advancements. Now there are fewer barriers to entry for women than ever before. 

With easier access to these jobs, women are poised to enter this workforce more easily than their trailblazing predecessors. Paid training is available through apprenticeships, and grants are available to help pay for education for those entering the field. HVAC jobs are among the highest paying in the trades, and the prospects are expected to grow as more homes are built and demand for comfort rises. There has never been a better time for women interested in making this career change. 

Alice H. Parker’s Patent for a Gas Furnace With Ductwork 

aliceOne of the early contributions to home heating was by Alice H. Parker. At the beginning of the 20th century, homes were heated by wood or coal fires. The job of hauling fuel and stoking fires fell largely on homemakers, namely the women of the house. Fed up with constantly lugging around dirty piles of wood and the lack of whole house heating that resulted from it, Alice H. Parker put inventing skills to use. 

A graduate of Howard University, she obtained a patent for one of the first natural gas heating systems conceived. Her invention was a central heating system that uses natural gas and distributes the treated air throughout the house using air ducts. Her development used concepts still in use today, like ductwork and zone control, and was impactful to development in the heating industry. 

Margaret Ingels, Another HVAC Trailblazer 

margaretAnother trailblazer to follow closely on the heels of Parker was a woman named Margaret Ingels. Ingels was the first female engineering graduate from the University of Kentucky and the first woman nationwide to earn the distinction of receiving a professional degree in mechanical engineering. Her expertise was in air conditioning, and she was quickly put to work for the Carrier Corporation, the pioneers of air conditioning. 

While at Carrier, Ingels worked on several devices. First, she perfected a device for reading the humidity. Next, she developed a system for improving air quality by capturing particles from the air. By her retirement, she had written 45 technical papers and given over 200 speeches encouraging women to follow in her footsteps. 

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3 Black Inventors Who Still Influence Modern Electricity

Black Innovators Who Influenced Home Electricity

It’s hard to imagine modern life without electricity, but this fascinating phenomenon is still relatively new. Not only that, many of its original innovators remain unnamed and unknown in most conversations about the history of electricity. In honor of Black History Month, this blog will explore the groundbreaking Black inventors whose contributions are still essential today. From Lewis Latimer, heralded as the “Edison of Electric Lighting,” to Marie Van Brittan Brown and her home security system – these three individuals left an immense legacy that deserves recognition.

Lewis Latimer and the Electric Lightbulb

lewisLewis Howard Latimer was born in 1848. Without any formal education, he was able to teach himself mechanical drawing. Not only did he work with famous inventors Alexander Graham Bell and Thomas Edison, but Lewis Latimer invented his own contributions to home electricity.

Through working with Hiram Maxim, he familiarized himself with electric incandescent lighting and later helped invent carbon filaments for the lightbulb. Through his work, Lewis Latimer created a light bulb that could burn much longer than the standard bulbs of 1883. After working for Thomas Edison’s electric company, he published a book about the field. 

James E. West and the Electret Condenser Microphone

jamesJames E. West is best known for creating the electret condenser microphone. Microphones are not just used for music or announcements. Smart home devices, cameras, recording devices, and even hearing aids must all use some form of condenser microphone to carry sound.

Currently, James E. West’s condenser microphone can be found in almost 90% of all microphones to this very day. This is because the technology of this instrument allows the device to be small in size. The dielectric material ensures the quality of the microphone so it can be used for multiple years.

There are several different types of electret microphones. The diaphragm type is used most often but also has the lowest quality. The front and back electret refer to the film plates that connect with the transducer. James E. West, along with Gerhard Sessler, created a way that condenser microphones can work without the requirement of polarizing voltage. 

Marie Van Brittan Brown and Home Security

Marie Van Brittan Brown invented the first home security system in 1966. While her system may look very different from digital home camera systems today, her technology provided a critical stepping stone for modern technology to keep families safe.

Because of where she lived at the time, Marie Van Brittan Brown created the home security system to keep herself safe. Her system relied on two-way communication and an alarm button that would signal the police when pressed. A voice component was established so homeowners could speak to outside guests or potential intruders. If the guest was deemed trustworthy, they could be allowed into the home with a remote-controlled lock. This voice component is similar to many modern security systems. 

Marie Van Brittan Brown was given an award by the National Scientists Committee in 1969 for her potentially life-saving invention. Since then, her patent has been referenced by other inventors. Her security system is still providing a service to systems that have long since gone digital. With her patented technology, homes and businesses are considerably more secure. With one click of a button, help can be signaled quietly and discreetly from inside the building. 

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Look Out for These Signs of a Frozen Pipe

Three Indicators of Frozen Pipes 

Winter is here, meaning one of the biggest threats to a home’s plumbing is lurking outside. Cold temperatures in the winter can cause pipes to freeze, leading to all kinds of trouble. Some of the most common complications arising from frozen pipes include:

Luckily these problems are avoidable simply by recognizing the signs that something is wrong early and calling a plumber for help. Here is a list of the most easily recognizable signs that pipes in a home are frozen. If any of these signs are noticed, homeowners should take immediate action to keep the problem from worsening. 

Low Water Pressure 

faucetThe first sign that pipes are freezing is a loss of water pressure to certain fixtures around the home. As lines get cold, the water in them starts to freeze from the outside inwards. This causes a restriction in the pipe that can affect the pressure and volume of water that comes from the lines. 

Low water pressure is a bad sign because it means that the pipe is very close to freezing completely and potentially bursting. To help combat this problem, homeowners can turn the water on to the fixture experiencing a loss of water pressure and let the water flow until pressure is restored. It is a good idea to run both the hot and cold water valves during this time to ensure neither one is freezing. After restoring water pressure, they can leave the faucets dripping slowly to keep water flowing through the pipe instead of freezing. 

Frost on Pipes 

The second obvious sign that a pipe is freezing or frozen is frost on the line itself. While frost on the pipe is a clear confirmation that a pipe is getting cold enough to freeze, the better tip-off is that a pipe can be seen at all. Plumbing codes dictate that pipes must be buried or insulated when freezing is a threat, and in this region, unprotected pipes will be more likely to freeze during the winter. 

Some homeowners may dismiss the problem of having frost on pipes since they have lines that are “freezeproof.” Unfortunately, no such thing exists. All pipes are vulnerable to freezing, and no single piping system on the market can withstand repeated freezing. Instead, homeowners should aim to reroute exposed pipes or install insulation to ensure that pipes can’t be seen and will not freeze. 

The Bathroom Smells Like Sewage smell

Frozen pipes aren’t limited to freshwater piping. Sewer pipes can freeze as well. The obvious sign that sewer pipes or drain lines are frozen is a foul odor in the bathroom. The bad smell results from a sewage backup in the sewer line due to freezing which lets sewer gas seep back into the home. 

A new sewer line may be the only solution if this is a common problem with a home. Rerouting the sewer line and burying it deeper or providing more insulation is the only long-term solution. Until then, families will likely have to wait until the sewer pipe is defrosted by better weather or a plumber. 

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Consider a Better Way to Heat the Home Over the Winter

Stay Comfortable for Less With Heat Pump Technology 

Winter is almost here, meaning heating bills are about to go up. Homeowners love autumn simply for a short reprieve from cooling bills, but after a short break, they come to expect that winter will cause utility bills to skyrocket again. Isn’t there a better way to heat a home that can be energy efficient and reduce costs without sacrificing comfort?

Heat pumps are the answer to this dilemma. Heat pumps have grown rapidly in popularity for years, and consumer confidence is at an all-time high. Here is a quick introduction to heat pumps for homeowners to gain familiarity with this technology. 

What is a Heat Pump?

heat pumpHeat pumps heat and cool homes with heat energy indoors or outdoors, depending on the season, to make the home comfortable. Heat pumps compress and recycle refrigerant just like a conventional air conditioner and operate the same with one exception to accomplish this. They operate in reverse during the winter to move heat from outside into living spaces. 

There are a few common types of heat pumps that every homeowner should know. Common options are:

  • Air source heat pumps
  • Ground source heat pumps (also called geothermal heat pumps)
  • Water source heat pumps

Each of these uses a specific heat energy source, but all work similarly to save homeowners money during the year. 

Heat Pumps and Ductless Heating Benefits

One of the most popular innovations in heat pump technology is ductless heating with a mini split heat pump. A mini-split is a heating and cooling device that uses heat pump technology to keep a home comfortable in the winter and summer. Ductless systems work on the same principles as a central system except that they have individual units that distribute conditioned air instead of a central blower that circulates air with air ducts. This leads to all kinds of benefits, like:

  • Better temperature control with zoning
  • Increased efficiency
  • Lower heating and cooling bills
  • Easy installation

Mini split heat pumps make an easy addition to any home at any stage of its life. Mini-splits are a great answer for homes that have had rooms added on or where the heater simply can’t keep up. They are also perfect for retrofitting homes without central heating or air ducts and are great for finished shops or garages. 

Save Money With Better Efficiency 

saveHeating with electricity or burning fossil fuels can be a costly and inefficient endeavor. Perhaps the most significant benefit of heat pumps is that they can be way more energy efficient than other types of heating or air conditioning systems. This means homeowners can save tons of money throughout the year without sacrificing a comfortable home. 

In addition to being more energy efficient, heat pumps save money in another way. Maintenance costs are reduced by using the same equipment for heating and cooling all year long, and repairs are far less frequent. Between energy savings and reduced repair bills, homeowners can quickly realize the financial benefits of installing a heat pump. 

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It’s About That Time For Holiday Lights!

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute For Christmas Decorations

The holidays are right around the corner, and homeowners don’t want to be stuck with broken or unsafe Christmas lights when it’s time to hang them up. Professionals encourage homeowners to take a look at their outdoor Christmas lights and Christmas yard decor as soon as possible! 

Doing so will save homeowners a lot of stress when it’s time to hang them up. The same goes for indoor Christmas lights as well. One can never be too careful when dealing with electrical fixtures. It’s important that homeowners know what to look for so they know if their lights and decorations are safe to use this year or not. That’s why professionals are here to share safety tips and tips for more eco-friendly decoration options and lights that homeowners can try this holiday season.

Is it Time For New Holiday Lights? Try These!

lightsHere are a few festive lighting options that homeowners can add to their decoration shopping list this year:

  • Battery-operated Christmas lights: These aren’t new, but many people might not know about them. They make light decorations extremely easy because most of them are set on a timer and shut off by themselves when the timer runs out. 
  • Falling raindrop Christmas lights: These are perfect for homeowners with big trees in their yards. 
  • Lamppost LED display: They are usually 48 inches tall and look identical to a normal lamppost; only they’re covered in lights! 
  • Choreographed illuminated reindeer light fixtures: Of course, one can’t forget about a Christmas yard ornament staple! They’ve been upgraded throughout the years to be timed, choreographed, and even solar-powered! 

Electrical Safety is Always the First Priority!

safetyBelieve it or not, holiday decorations can be just as capable of starting house fires and causing power outages as any other electrical appliance or fixture in the home. In fact, holiday decorations tend to be more dangerous because they get left on for long periods and hardly ever get safety checked. 

Homeowners should be aware of the following safety tips to avoid electrical fires and outages as much as possible: 

  • Always check the lights and fixtures for faults in the wiring or plug-ins
  • Check the decorations for defects before ever plugging them into an outlet
  • Once they’re confirmed to be safe enough to plug in, homeowners can plug them in to check for flickering lights
  • If the lights flicker, the homeowner should not use them
  • Homeowners should also check for warmth on the outlet and wall near the outlet after the lights have been plugged in for a bit. If it feels warm, that’s a sign not to use them again.

These tips are vital for electrical safety, and homeowners should always follow this checklist before setting up their decorations each year. 

Go Green With Lights

For those that are worried about remaining as eco-friendly as possible while still enjoying the wonders of holiday lighting, there are a few different eco-friendly options available. 

These options include: 

  • LED lighting: LED lights burn brighter and last (potentially) decades longer than traditional lights. 
  • Battery-operated lighting: Battery-operated lights run on batteries rather than electricity. Most of them also have a timer, so the lights will shut off when the timer runs out. 
  • Solar-powered lighting: Solar lights charge from a panel exposed to direct sunlight. This is the most eco-friendly approach to holiday decorating.

All of the lighting options mentioned above can come with timers on them. Timers are convenient for energy saving as well as home safety! 

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Remove the Stress of Bathroom Remodeling

Tackle a Bathroom Remodel With Professional Help

No matter how prepared a homeowner is for a bathroom remodel, something always comes up along the way. Unforeseen problems can cause stress to build, and hair starts getting pulled out in frustration.  A professional can relieve all that unnecessary stress and provide many benefits because they are trained and experienced in bathroom remodeling.

Professionals Handle Upgrades Safely 

A bathroom makeover begins with a plan and ends with the completion of the project. It’s not as simple as that, though. As the job progresses, unforeseen issues can be found, broken pipes discovered, insect and rodent infestations seen, and things homeowners did not prepare for can show up. For the average homeowner, this is simply too much stress to deal with. 

Safety is one of the biggest perks of working with a professional. Homeowners can injure themselves and damage their homes when working on the plumbing themselves. They can worsen unforeseen issues or cause them, leading to dangers like flooding and water damage. Plumbers also have more extensive knowledge of:  

  • Permits – Getting the proper permits can become quite a hassle. A qualified professional will know the laws, understand the permits and the regulations behind them, and have the connections to get all the paperwork needed before the bathroom renovation starts.
  • Structural IntegrityA professional renovator will understand the overall engineering concepts behind the home. They will know if a wall is load-bearing and if the floor joists can handle the extra weight of a claw bathtub. They have the experience to guide any homeowner through the entire process.

Professionals Keep Costs In Check

saveBathroom remodeling will never be the cheapest project homeowners take on, but there are still ways to keep costs in check. Some of the savings homeowners can expect by working with a professional include: 

  • Avoid Costly Mistakes – When homeowners attempt to DIY bathroom remodeling, many things can go wrong, leading to additional repairs and damage that can be more costly than hiring a plumber in the first place.
  • Material Discounts – The cost of building materials can be high. Going through a bathroom remodeling contractor is highly beneficial because they typically have a good working relationship with the local supply stores. They can get pretty good discounts or wholesale prices, which will be passed down to their clients.
  • Insurance – A professional will have insurance to cover if they make a mistake or get injured on the job. By hiring an insured professional, homeowners will not be financially responsible for any damage or injuries like they would be if they didn’t hire one. 

Pros Take the Guesswork Out Of Big Projects

timeWorking with a qualified bathroom remodeling contractor is always the best option. Besides the benefits of safety, less stress, and cost savings, hiring a plumber for bathroom remodels also saves homeowners time. Whether big or small, it is never truly known when a bigger problem will be discovered in the middle of the job. Professionals have dealt with it before, and they will know what to do to get through it quickly and safely.

Professional bathroom remodeling contractors have extensive experience dealing with every type of bathroom under the sun. They will not be deterred by any problems they find and will get through the job as fast as they can while still maintaining a high standard of quality.

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3 Signs That It’s Time to Clean the Evaporator Coil

The Importance of Professional Evaporator Coil Cleaning 

After a summer like this one, it’s easy to see how much work the air conditioner puts in. Sure it gets a few months off in the winter, but it makes up for it when the temperatures rise. All that hard work can take a toll on the air conditioner that requires some maintenance occasionally to ensure it is always operating at peak efficiency. One of the most important steps of seasonal AC maintenance is evaporator coil cleaning. The evaporator coil is the workhorse of the air conditioner; when it is compromised, the entire system can suffer.  

In contrast to the consequences of a dirty evaporator coil, there are some clear benefits of getting it cleaned as a part of a maintenance plan. Among the benefits of AC coil cleaning are:

  • Lower utility bills
  • Shorter cooling cycles
  • More comfortable home

Here are three major signs that an evaporator coil cleaning is overdue. 

Loss of Cooling Function cooling

An air conditioner works by allowing a chemical called a refrigerant to boil or evaporate. This process causes the refrigerant to become very cold quickly. This process occurs in the evaporator coil inside the air conditioner as warm air is blown through it. The result is that the warm air becomes cool by giving its heat to the evaporated, cold refrigerant. 

When this process is impeded, the air conditioner can lose cooling power. The most common way this happens is by blocking airflow from a dirty coil. Thus, cleaning coils can restore cooling power to an air conditioner. 



Frost and Frozen Coils

An air conditioner is a finely-tuned machine. Refrigerants must be kept at specific pressures, and airflow must be kept unimpeded, or the whole system can suffer. The goal of the evaporator coil is to get as close to freezing temperatures as possible to stay efficient without freezing. 

However, when evaporator coils are dirty, airflow is impeded and can’t keep the coils above freezing. Instead of removing moisture from the air and draining away the resulting condensation, the moisture will freeze to the coil instead. This compounds the airflow problems, and frost on the coil will lead to a frozen evaporator coil. 

Longer Cycles to Cool the Home 

The air conditioner is one of the biggest energy hogs in the home, so it makes sense to spend some time and energy keeping it efficient. When evaporator coils are dirty and frozen evaporator coils are a consistent problem, the air conditioner loses efficiency and can’t keep the home cool like it once did. Energy bills will spike because the air conditioner must use longer cycles to cool the house. 

Simply schedule evaporator coil cleaning and routine maintenance from a reliable AC maintenance contractor to restore lost cooling power. In a quick visit, technicians can restore lost cooling power and save homeowners money. While most homeowners try to get this done in the spring, it is never too late to clean the coils, especially if a home is heated and cooled by heat pumps. 

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Learn the Basics of Electrical Systems

Electrical 101

This back-to-school season, homeowners can brush up on their knowledge of home electrical systems with this quick guide from experts. Having a basic understanding of the parts of an electrical system, signs of a system malfunction, and how to practice electrical safety can help homeowners prevent accidents and keep system maintenance costs low.

Electrical systems are composed of a complicated network of wires, circuits, and outlets connecting to the local power plant. Professional electricians undergo rigorous training in the classroom and on the job as apprentices to learn how to service and maintain electrical systems. Homeowners should always have a trusted local electrician a phone call away in case of an electrical emergency.

Important Parts of an Electrical System

electric meterHere are some important components of an electrical system:

  • Electric Meter: The electric meter measures the amount of electricity a home uses from the power plant. The metering of electricity is used to identify potential problems with the electrical system and to calculate utility costs.
  • Disconnect Switch: The disconnect switch is usually located on the electric meter or in the breaker panel. The disconnect switch shuts off electricity to the whole home so that the electrical system can be safely serviced without risking accidental electrocution.
  • Breaker Panel: The breaker panel, also called an electrical panel, is a series of switches that controls the electrical circuits for different areas of the home. Each switch correlates to a room in the house or a hard-wired appliance. The breaker panel will flip the switches to an off position to prevent electrical fires in the case of a power overload.
  • Circuits: An electrical circuit is a pathway engineered for electricity to transmit from one place to another. The local power plant provides the electrical circuits with power from the main generator through a network of power lines, wires, and connections.
  • Electrical Outlet: Electrical outlets are a receptacle in the home that allows devices to be plugged in to receive electricity from the power grid through the home’s circuits.

Warning Signs of a Malfunctioning Electrical System

burning smellA malfunctioning electrical system can cause a spike in utility bills, but it can also be a hazard to the house, homeowner, and their family. An electrical fire can harm the entire neighborhood and surrounding ecosystems. There is also the risk of accidental electrocution from a malfunctioning outlet or circuit.

Look out for warning signs of a broken electrical component. Warning signs include sparks or a burning smell coming from outlets or the breaker box. The electrical system can become so overloaded that the heat burns through the insulation on the wires and leads to sparks. It only takes one spark from a sparking outlet to ignite a devastating house fire.

Flickering lights could be a result of installing the wrong voltage lightbulb or simply that the lightbulb is burning out. On the other hand, flickering lights throughout the house for no reason usually mean something is wrong with the electrical system. Homeowners should contact a qualified professional electrician for an inspection as soon as signs of damage or malfunction are noticed.

How to Practice Electrical Safety

Homeowners should have their electrical system routinely inspected and serviced by a professional electrician to improve home safety. Leaving the electrical system in a state of disrepair can cause a small problem to develop into a big issue. Fixing problems early on helps to keep repair costs low and prevent electrical emergencies such as a house fire or electrocution.

Amateur electrical work is extremely dangerous. Unqualified people could injure themselves or start an electrical fire by attempting to repair the wiring themselves. Working on electrical systems requires specialized tools and years of training.

The best thing that homeowners can do for their electrical systems is to schedule annual maintenance, do visual inspections, and call an electrician if they notice signs of damage. Another thing homeowners can do to protect their electrical system is to be careful not to overload circuits. Homeowners should pay attention to the recommended wattage and required voltage for household appliances. Installing surge protectors helps prevent overloading the electrical system.

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Sump Pumps Protect Against Flooding

What is a Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a device that moves water away from the basement and into the outside world. A sump is constructed as a pit, or a hole carved typically somewhere on a basement’s main surface. The pit, otherwise known as a basin, is where the sump pump is placed.

Water triggers the sump pump’s valves when the water level or pressure is too high. When this happens, the sump pump removes the excess water through a discharge line and safely out of the basement. In short, a sump pump is a homeowner’s best line of defense against a flooded home and basement.

How Do Sump Pumps Work?

sump pumpSump pumps can detect rising and high-pressure water levels and will work to stop them from rising too high. Once a high water level is detected, a switch is activated, and the pump comes to life and works to guide the extra water into a discharge pipe. The water flows through the line and is released outside the home, typically away from the home’s foundation.

These pumps are usually powered by electricity but can also be powered by battery and water. The ones wired in electrically often come with a backup plan, either battery or water, in the case of a power outage. Sump pumps are necessary to keep basements clean and free from flooding and sewage backup.

Different Sump Pump Types

types of sump pumpsThere are four main types of sump pumps available on the market: pedestal, submersible, battery-operated, and water-powered.

Submersible Sump Pump

The submersible sump pump is exactly as the name implies: a sump pump that is submerged in the water basin. These sump pumps come in one unit containing both the pump and motor and are safe to be submerged fully in water.

Typically, they are submerged and placed inside a closed basin in a home’s basement. These submersible units are quiet and are a great way to save space. Unfortunately, these pumps are not known to last as long as pedestal pumps, but they are the best choice for homes with major flooding concerns.

Pedestal Sump Pumps

While submersible sump pumps come as one unit with the motor and pump as one, a pedestal sump pump comes with these two separated. The motor is on a pedestal that sits above the basin, and the pump is placed into the basin. A hose connects the two, allowing the motor to give the pump power to run.

Pedestal sump pumps are known to last longer and are easily accessible for maintenance. However, this type of sump pump is not without faults. Since a pedestal sump pump’s motor sits out, it is louder and takes up more space than a submersible one.

Battery-Operated and Water-Powered Backup

These two alternatives are a great addition to the submersible and pedestal sump pumps. They provide backup and extra security to prevent flood damage. A battery or water-powered backup pump will kick in when a power outage occurs, allowing the sump pump to continue working.

Sump Pump Benefits

As mentioned throughout this article, sump pumps are extremely beneficial in protecting against floods in homes and basements, which can help homeowners avoid a tedious cleanup session and water damage. Sump pumps help protect against structural damage and insect infestation from standing water.

Aside from flooding, a sump pump can also protect against sewage backup, keep the humidity level in the basement low, improve indoor air quality, and reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth.

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