It’s About That Time For Holiday Lights!

Don’t Wait Until the Last Minute For Christmas Decorations

The holidays are right around the corner, and homeowners don’t want to be stuck with broken or unsafe Christmas lights when it’s time to hang them up. Professionals encourage homeowners to take a look at their outdoor Christmas lights and Christmas yard decor as soon as possible! 

Doing so will save homeowners a lot of stress when it’s time to hang them up. The same goes for indoor Christmas lights as well. One can never be too careful when dealing with electrical fixtures. It’s important that homeowners know what to look for so they know if their lights and decorations are safe to use this year or not. That’s why professionals are here to share safety tips and tips for more eco-friendly decoration options and lights that homeowners can try this holiday season.

Is it Time For New Holiday Lights? Try These!

lightsHere are a few festive lighting options that homeowners can add to their decoration shopping list this year:

  • Battery-operated Christmas lights: These aren’t new, but many people might not know about them. They make light decorations extremely easy because most of them are set on a timer and shut off by themselves when the timer runs out. 
  • Falling raindrop Christmas lights: These are perfect for homeowners with big trees in their yards. 
  • Lamppost LED display: They are usually 48 inches tall and look identical to a normal lamppost; only they’re covered in lights! 
  • Choreographed illuminated reindeer light fixtures: Of course, one can’t forget about a Christmas yard ornament staple! They’ve been upgraded throughout the years to be timed, choreographed, and even solar-powered! 

Electrical Safety is Always the First Priority!

safetyBelieve it or not, holiday decorations can be just as capable of starting house fires and causing power outages as any other electrical appliance or fixture in the home. In fact, holiday decorations tend to be more dangerous because they get left on for long periods and hardly ever get safety checked. 

Homeowners should be aware of the following safety tips to avoid electrical fires and outages as much as possible: 

  • Always check the lights and fixtures for faults in the wiring or plug-ins
  • Check the decorations for defects before ever plugging them into an outlet
  • Once they’re confirmed to be safe enough to plug in, homeowners can plug them in to check for flickering lights
  • If the lights flicker, the homeowner should not use them
  • Homeowners should also check for warmth on the outlet and wall near the outlet after the lights have been plugged in for a bit. If it feels warm, that’s a sign not to use them again.

These tips are vital for electrical safety, and homeowners should always follow this checklist before setting up their decorations each year. 

Go Green With Lights

For those that are worried about remaining as eco-friendly as possible while still enjoying the wonders of holiday lighting, there are a few different eco-friendly options available. 

These options include: 

  • LED lighting: LED lights burn brighter and last (potentially) decades longer than traditional lights. 
  • Battery-operated lighting: Battery-operated lights run on batteries rather than electricity. Most of them also have a timer, so the lights will shut off when the timer runs out. 
  • Solar-powered lighting: Solar lights charge from a panel exposed to direct sunlight. This is the most eco-friendly approach to holiday decorating.

All of the lighting options mentioned above can come with timers on them. Timers are convenient for energy saving as well as home safety! 

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