“I recently had a less than satisfactory experience with a service provider. Although I paid extra for their "fantastic" plan, I was disappointed with the service I received. One of the technicians had to do a deep cleaning on the furnace in my building and took it apart, but a few weeks later, it stopped working and looked like it had not been cleaned thoroughly. Another technician informed me that the heater in my attached garage needed to be replaced, so I ordered a new one. However, a subsequent technician told me that nothing was wrong with the initial heater that had been removed. I was also informed that the technician who had recommended the replacement had been let go due to other issues. Additionally, the furnace they installed in one of my houses was too small for the size of the house, and a technician who serviced it confirmed this.
I also had issues with a sump pump installation, as the technician who installed the backflow device found it to be too loud. While I was billed for a correction, I felt that this should have been done correctly the first time around, and I shouldn't have had to pay for a part that was meant to be installed properly.
Despite my attempts to be reimbursed for the "fantastic" plan, I was unsuccessful. While I would not recommend this company, I do believe that there are trustworthy companies out there that do a good job.”

– Cheryl W.