The Importance of Water Heater Maintenance

Kick Off Spring Cleaning With Water Heater Maintenance 

Getting water heater maintenance is an essential component of home ownership. Routinely maintaining a water heater can help prevent corrosion, keep it running efficiently, and ultimately save homeowners money on water heating, repair, and replacement costs. This blog post will discuss why maintaining a water heater is beneficial and what goes into it. 

Flush the Water Heater Tank 

flushFlushing a water heater is vital to ensure the effective functioning of the appliance. Over time, sediment and mineral deposits will build up inside the tank, reducing efficiency and creating hot spots that can cause premature wear and tear on components. Plumbers can help maintain optimal performance, minimize energy consumption, and extend the water heater’s lifespan by flushing out the tank regularly during maintenance visits. 

Without regular flushing, sediment can clog pipes and reduce water flow, leading to higher energy costs and potential damage to the appliance. Additionally, sediment and minerals may settle into the tank and corrode components. Corrosion weakens metal and can make it easier for leaks to form. With proper maintenance and periodic flushing, the water heater can run efficiently for years to come.

Other Tasks for Maintaining the Water Heater 

maintenanceAside from professionals flushing the water heater during maintenance, they will also perform tasks like: 

  • Replacing the anode rod: Inside the water heater tank, there’s something called an anode rod. This device attracts sediment from the tank to prevent corrosion. Yet, over time, the anode rod will deteriorate, making it ineffective and needing replacement. 
  • Checking the valves: Plumbers will inspect the water heater valves, including temperature and pressure relief valves, to ensure they work correctly.  
  • Inspect for leaks or corrosion: Leaks and corrosion of the water heater are some of the most unmistakable signs indicating the water heater may need to be replaced, so plumbers will check for these and any other issues during maintenance.  

The Benefits of Regular Maintenance 

Routinely maintaining the water heater is essential to a healthy, long-lasting system. Regular maintenance can help avoid costly breakdowns that can be inconvenient and expensive to repair. Through regular maintenance, potential problems such as corrosion or rust can be detected and dealt with before they become major issues. Keeping the system free from sediment and mineral build-up also helps ensure the water heater operates efficiently, reducing energy costs. 

Regular maintenance can also improve the system’s safety by keeping it up to code for safety regulations. Through regular maintenance, potential problems such as faulty wiring or leaks can be detected early on and fixed before they cause any significant damage. Finally, water heater maintenance also extends the water heater’s lifespan, so an early replacement isn’t necessary. 

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