Halo Water Systems

HALO Water Systems

HALO Water Systems, founded in 2001 has quickly become the filtration system most recommended by contractors in the nation.

H2 Zero Ultimate

H2 Zero Ultimate

1 tank system

Whole-house filtration and conditioning

Zero electricity, zero backwash, zero maintenance

Halo R05

Halo R05

Five stage reverse osmosis purification system plus pH balancer

Increases pH to levels between 8 and 9.5

Under the sink

Halo Mini 3

Halo Mini 3

The HALO Mini Series 3 Stage magnetic water conditioner will control new (lime) scale formations, dissolve existing scale and inhibit corrosion

Great tasting filtered water flows from every sink and spout in your home

Halo Ion-6

Halo Ion-6

Installs in-line

No drain needed

No electricity

No chemicals

Maintenance free

Chemical free

Dissolves scale

Inhibits scale

Inhibits corrosion

No slimy feeling

Cleaner clothes

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