Gas Leak Detection Services

Gas leak detection.
Gas leak detection.

Gas Leak Detection in Strongsville, OH

Get in touch with our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians when you suspect a gas leak. We offer fast servicing in the Greater Cleveland area!

Do you suspect a problem with your gas line? Don’t wait to get it checked out! Our professionals at Gene’s Refrigeration, Heating & Air Conditioning, Plumbing & Electrical are experts in gas leak detection and repair.

We have the experience and training to quickly and efficiently locate the source of your gas line leak and provide the necessary fix. Many in Strongsville, OH, trust us with their serious plumbing issues because of our timely arrivals, reliable customer service, and 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Do you need water heater services? We offer free estimates on equipment replacements and maintenance plans to keep your system running smoothly.

Signs You Have a Gas Line Leak

While gas line leaks are rare, we always recommend staying vigilant. Keep an eye out for these problems and reach out to us the moment you notice them:

  • Strange odors: The most obvious symptom of a leak is the scent of natural gas that smells like sulfur or rotten eggs.
  • Dying house plants: Plants can wilt and die when exposed to methane.
  • Expensive gas bills: If your gas usage hasn’t changed, but your costs have gone up, it could be due to a leak.
  • Hissing or whistling sounds: Gas escaping from a crack or hole in your line will make a loud noise.

If you experience any of these problems, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We’re available 24/7 for emergency service and will arrive at your property quickly—with no overtime charges!

Comprehensive Gas Line Leak Repair

Even the most minor gas pipe issue can be dangerous, so we take every repair seriously. Our team has the training and experience to find leaks using high-tech equipment quickly. Upon finding it, we’ll provide the most effective solution.

This could involve anything from a simple pipe repair to a complete gas line replacement. Once finishing the task, we’ll test the line to ensure it’s working correctly. You can trust that your gas line is in good hands with our team!

Our team offers the most reliable gas line repair and installation services in Northeast Ohio. We also have financing available with approved credit for your bigger projects.

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As a BBB-accredited, NATE-certified, Carrier Factory Authorized business, you can trust that we’ll give you the best possible service. We’re also a family-owned and operated company that has stayed in business since 1959. This experience has taught us a thing or two about customer service!

When you partner with our team, you can enjoy flat-rate, straightforward pricing, friendly professionals, and tailored solutions. We never cut corners or take shortcuts, and we always go the extra mile to ensure your satisfaction.

Need Gas Leak Detection Service?

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“Joey to the rescue. Last Sunday, I had a pipe break in my bathroom. I went down to turn off the water to the house, and that valve was frozen. After finally getting the water turned off at the street, I called Genes and they sent Joey out to help. What a great guy. He was here for almost 5 hrs. and replaced my main shut off and fixed the pipe in my bathroom. I thought the bill was reasonable for a Sunday emergency call. Joey was the bright spot of the day. Thank you again, sir!”
- Eric C.

“I inadvertently hit submit before I was finished. This was about Joey the plumber. I did have him install the Halo Ion device. Really good experience with Joey. Thank you!”

- Michael L.

“I inadvertently hit submit before I was finished. This was about Joey the plumber. I did have him install the Halo Ion device. Really good experience with Joey. Thank you!”

- Michael L.

“Joey Hrovat was so experienced and professional. His information was without bias and helped me to make good functional and financial decisions, that not only corrected a 30 year problem, but also improved the appearance as well as the resale value of my home. I give him my highest recommendation.”

- Susan H.

“We have used Gene’s for years for our ac/heating needs but this was the first time we called for plumbing service (BTW Danita answered the phone and she was a delight). Our bathtub drain was barely draining and despite pouring all kinds of drain cleaners down it, we needed help. Gene’s scheduled us for the next day and Joey H came to help us. Like all the other staff we’ve met from Gene’s, Joey was professional, knowledgeable, took his time to get it right, and also was personable. It is always a pleasure doing business with Gene’s!”

- Kathy N.

“Gene's is very simply the best there is. Cody, Chris, PJ are all aces when it comes to finding and repairing plumbing issues. They are genuine, very hard working, and seemingly tireless. They stayed on the job until it was fixed. Between digging a 9 foot hole to locate the issue, to repairing it, then covering it back over they stayed with it – with more patience that I would have on my best day! They are calm and professional. I could not be more pleased.”

- Thomas D.